I started to develop WordFisher in the Word macro language in the mid-90s, first for my own purposes, and later as a shareware program.

I tried to take advantage of the possibilities of Word’s search and replace functions, and as far as possible, incorporate some functions of the well-known commercial translation memory programs (Trados, Deja Vu) such as glossary creation, concordance, alignment.

It was used by hundreds of translators around the world. Around the turn of the millennium Word’s built-in macro language changed, and many new high-quality translation memory programs appeared on the scene. I stopped its development in 2002 and made it freely available. This macro package can be used up to Word 2003.

You can download WordFisher v4.45 and its guide.

After installation you should register your copy the following way:

1. Click the wfSetup icon, then click the About button.

2. Fill in the Name and Key boxes exactly the following way, then click OK.

Name: Free Licence

Key: 9753